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Surfing challenges and pushes you to the extreme, and you are not alone. Glassy Zone is a surfing, fitness and sleep-tracking wearable that helps improve your performance.  While on the waves the intelligent wearable tracks your movements, which breaks you surf better, and sends UV alerts. Off the waves, Glassy helps develop your performance by providing a breakdown of your session: the number of waves you catch, your speed and the trajectory and distance of each wave. 

Glassy Zone communicates with mobile devices using a low energy Bluetooth connection. You can upload the intelligent data and change your Glassy Zone settings directly in the app. We are building the ultimate, interconnected and full ecosystem for water sports.  Our objective is to empower people to enhance their surf performance and health through data.

A free download of Glassy is available on App Store and Google Play.

Logos and Symbol:

The logotype of Glassy Zone and Glassy Pro and the App Symbol represents our core products.

Design Guidelines:

Take a look before putting yourself to design and use this patterns with delicacy. Please, before creating new rules try to reproduce or extend the existing ones.





The App:

Download Glassy App screenshots, the best surfer experience.

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