Connecting surfers worldwide.

How many waves can you ride? In which spots do you surf the best waves?

Through data-based insights you can learn from past sessions and understand how to improve the quality of your surf, as well as how to catch more waves, next time round. 

Become Surf-Wise.

Track your sessions

Get insightful and accurate data about the waves you ride. Improve your surf and get feedback from others.

Protect your skin

An LED UV exposure sensor alerts you when radiation from the sun exceeds recommended levels, helping you to protect your skin.

Sleep better

Monitor the quality of your sleep, to ensure you’re at your best while enjoying the waves.

Understand your performance.

Take your surf experience to the next level with the 10 ATM Waterproof Glassy Zone SmartBand.

The ultimate wearable specifically designed for surfers. Stay connected to better understand your surf performance.

The intelligent ally

for your surf journey.

Accelerometer, Gyroscope and GPS maximum technology registers all the data from your sessions.

Break your sessions down to see how you did. Know the speed, time, direction and distance of the waves you ride and paddle.

Smart surf has come.

Get one of the first hundred units.

Thousands of surfers.

One community.

Join the Glassy platform and access extensive data in an effortless, intuitive and user-friendly way.

Become a member of a passionate community with hundreds of thousands users. Chase new spots, ride waves and create memorable experiences across more than 50 countries.

Showcase your achievements, compete with friends and support the growth and success of others. Become the master of your local surf spot from just one app!


10 ATM Waterproof

Ride the wave without ever worrying about water damage.

Machine Learning

Through pure engineering, the GZ becomes more precise with increased use.

Real Time Conditions

GZ gives you updates on the weather conditions of your favorite places in real time.

Wave Performance

Simply tap your Glassy Zone twice to

start tracking. 


Try it also with your SUP, Kite-surf and Windsurf sessions.

Compete with friends

Rankings all over the world.

Three colors. Available soon!

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