Pro Trek Smart WSD

Casio x Glassy

Smart surfing with Glassy App.

Glassy is the best surf application for Android. The reflection of your surf sessions optimized for Casio Pro-Trek WSD.

Download it and plan better your surf. Check the surf forecast before going to the beach and access real-time information of more than 16,000 spots around the world.

Glassy also track and record your surf sessions and, after the fun, you can share your performance with your friends.

With Glassy getting better is easier. Join the community and improve your surf.

Go Surfing with a map on your wrist.

Current location is determined by an energy-efficient GPS and displayed on a high-resolution full-color map for regions and countries worldwide.

Download a map of your surfing destination area in advance so you can check your current location on a color map offline at anytime.

Military Standard Compliance

Only Android Smartwatch that meets the US-MIL-SPEC which guarantees it’s high quality, robustness and superior performance for surfing. Assured durability under tough outdoor conditions . Low-temperature(-10ºC) environmental-resistance. 

Confidentially wear it while surfing. 50- meter depths water-resistant with a built-in mic.


Join the biggest surfing community.

Make the world your spot with Pro-Trek F20 Smart Line up.

Thousands of surfers.

One community.

Join the Glassy platform and access extensive data in an effortless, intuitive and user-friendly way.

Become a member of a passionate community with hundreds of thousands users. Chase new spots, slide waves and create memorable experiences across more than 50 countries.

Showcase your achievements, compete with friends and support the growth and success of others.  Become the master of your local surf spot from just one app!

And that is only the surface.

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